April 28, 2009

Basic Cooking Tips

I learned to cook from my mother, which didn't require the same measurement system because she's "old school." She'd kill me if she read that..lol But she is an excellent cook. I tell her all the time, "You put your foot in it!" (old southern saying) But when I wanted to venture out and try new recipes, I was lost. I found the internet to be very helpful in helping me get started. So here are a few online tools I used to help get me on my way.

Basic Cooking Lessons

Cooking and Baking

Cooking Terms

Measurement Abbreviations

(look up recipes by ingredients)

(fast easy recipes)

(fun recipes for kids)

I really hope that these sites help!!

I would like to post my favorite salad recipe for A Heart for Home's blog carnival.

Nacho salad4lbs ground beef
taco seasoning

ground beef with taco seasoning, add water for more moisture(if you wish), cover nachos with beef, met cheese melt over hot beef, add lettuce and tomatoes...enjoy!

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