April 26, 2011

Modest Style Tips

One thing that I have discovered is that modest clothes aren't mainstream or readily available.
I have four girls, so this is very personal for me. 
Especially for girls, teens and young ladies. It can be very hard for them!
I have noticed an increase in modest shops online and I'm so glad of that.
But what you may not have guessed is that you can shop in normal department stores 
to create your own modest and feminine look for you and your girls.
You just have to use a little creativity and know how to stay covered!!

1. spaghetti straps: These are not entirely off limits, whether a top or dress! You can simply layer a simple tee underneath to cover up. Or use a shrug or cropped top. Now you can look modest and still wear the latest style in clothes.

(simple tee)

2. halter tops: These can show way too much in the front and the back. Again the simple tee is great here. It can cover the front and back simultaneously. Plus you can add your own style with prints or colors as well.  

(halter over tee)

3: mini dress/skirts: These leave little to the imagination, but can be transformed into something modest too. What I love to do is find a mini dress that I love and wear it as a long shirt! Many mini dresses look fab as a tunic top. And it's long enough to cover your curves when you wear pants or jeans. You can add length to skirts with fabric to make it a longer skirt. You don't have to know how to sew, just add fabric glue. One of the easiest way to add length to a skirt is layer a longer skirt under it. This way you can play with the prints and colors.

(layered over longer skirt)

4. low cut shirts: If you see a modern shirt that you absolutely love, but it is plunging in the front. Don't just pass over it! Try layering a tank underneath. This can add a print in complimenting colors or contrast color to make it pop even more. Now they sell a variety of cami secrets and DIY cover cami so you don't have to deal with bulky tops. Also a pretty scarf will cover the cleavage very nicely.

(contrast color tank)

(scarf as cover)

5: exposed back: You may have seen the shirts with the cute details on the back. But they do show a little too much skin. So grab a tank, tee or cami and you can show off the details but not sacrifice your modesty.

6: cropped tops: These can be layered with pretty shirts underneath to add style and fun! They can also be worn over spaghetti straps to cover them too.Or cut down the middle to create a cute shrug.

7: sleeveless: If you find a beautiful dress or top and you'd feel more comfortable with sleeves...add em! This can be done by layering once again with a tee or cropped top. But my fav way is to sew on fabric to make sleeves. Scarves are also a fun way to use as a shrug or wrap over sleeveless.

8: off the shoulder/cowl neck: If off the shoulder is just showing too much for you. You can still keep the shirt/dress but wear it a different way! You can pull it on your shoulder and now you have an awesome cowl neck top or dress. Cowl too low now that you've changed it or you have a cowl shirt to low, use a cami/tank.

9: sheer tops: You may have a few of these already or you find one that is pretty. You can always layer it over a shirt or dress and belt it. Or layer a simple tee under it to give it coverage too. Vest are great for these shirts as they cover the main areas you need, while the pretty fabric still shows. These are so light that you can triple layer if you want. Even scarves can be added in with the sheer top and layered tee and you won't look bulky.
(sheer with tank)

                                                                      (sheer with vest)

10: tight jeans: You may have a pair of jeans that fit too snug. If you feel uncomfortable showing all your curves and shape. You can always use #3 as a cover or any tunic top. Try wrapping a long scarf around your waist to hide your shape. But a fun way to still wear them is to create a jean skirt from them. There are several ways to do this. My fav is to add ruffled fabric to it and create a boho or realy feminine style denim skirt.

(scarf over jeans)

Everything I've listed here I actually wear!!
Not only are they good ideas for making my shopping easier,
But in today's shopping for young girls, this really helps them stay modern and modest!!

extra tip:

Jenna @ Homemaking Pilgrim had an awesome tip.
If your tank or cami is too low cut to cover your cleavage,
then turn it backwards for more coverage.
Just remember to snip off the tag!

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