May 3, 2011

Head Coverings Ideas

Women choices for covering are as different as the coverings they wear. I don't cover often, but I have been interested in options that are available. I compiled a list of a few inexpensive choices, but there are endless possibilities not listed. If you are interested in learning different ways of covering, this is just a basic guide to the different affordable styles. You don't have to spend a ton of money to wear hair coverings and 
I love that they can be dressed up with all sorts of embellishments
such as bows, flowers, barrets, ribbons, hair pins, etc....

 1. bandannas=These are very simple and can be found almost anywhere! From hair stores, to Dept stores and even dollar stores. They usually run from  $.50-1.99. They come in a variety of colors and styles! This is my fav for cleaning!

2. scarves= These are another way to cover, but with  more variety. They are made by most designers and are sold anywhere clothing is sold, even thrift stores and garage sales. The fabrics, colors and prints are so versatile, you are sure to find something you love!

3. snoods=One the few occasions that I do cover other than cleaning, I absolutely love snoods! They are so comfortable and come in several types of fabrics, chenille, wool, cotton, velvet, even lace etc... They can usually be found in hair stores or order them online. I found my two at a thrift store for $1 each!!

crochet snood

 lace snood w/ties

4. tichels=Are scarves that are worn with either simple ties in back or elaborate ties such as the example below. They are a very beautiful and unique way to cover and can be found anywhere scarves are sold. What's even better is they can be fashioned from old fabric!

5. chaponnes=Hats that are great for winter and summer months. They come in a wide range of materials   and colors to choose from.  Hats are sold everywhere, so they are readily available!

6. berets=A name that comes from a word meaning "cap," It is a brimless, loose-fitting hat, usually made of hand-knitted or felted wool. I personally love this style of hat covering because it looks so elegant!

7. hair nets=These are super simple and can make your hair look beautiful! Can be worn over hair placed in a bun or over entire back of hair.They can be purchased in bulk for convenience and come in various colors.

8. veils=Can be made with any type of fabric. They are simply fabric that cover and can be handmade as well. Lace veils are can be worn for more formal occasions for women who cover. Scrap fabric is perfect for this!

9. headbands=Are just that, bands worn over your hair and can serve as coverings for some women. Like all the other choices, these can have a variety of style to suit your taste.

10. turbans=Can be created by wrapping a long piece of cloth around the hair or small hat. Can be handmade with extra fabric. I've actually seen these in  Family Dollar stores lately for $1.

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Candy said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I love talking head covering. :-)

Yesterday my covering was a long rectangular scarf. I folded it in half lenth-wise, to make it a big thinner, and then I tied the ends under my hair, like a head band. The long tails went down my back.

Today I am wearing a blue bandanna with with white polka dots. I folded it into a triange, and then tied a knot in the center triangle to prevent flairing, then tied the other two corners under my hair.

I often wear the "headband" style you showed. I call them convertible coverings, since you can convert it into a skinny headband, or widen it all the way, into a head covering. Before I covered full time, I'd often wear convertible head coverings, but I'd have them squished down into a thin head band.

Anyhoo, I am doing Feminine Dress Week on my blog, and would love it if you joined. :-)

Valencia said...

I would love to join you!!