April 7, 2014

Giuseppe Shoes DIY

I was going about my merry little way screen-shopping(window-shopping, but online) as usual, when I spotted something that made me squeal. It was the mother of all shoes, the spring/summer line of Giuseppe Zanotti featured a pair with "Crock Rock jewel" on them!!!
Oh My Goodness!!!
I wanted these shoes, and especially since I'm from the bayou state of Louisiana. But there was one HUGE problem, the $ 1,595.00 price tag.
So, the wheels in my head got to turning, and I say to myself...self why not try a DIY. (Kids make you talk to yourself from time to time...lol) And this is my version in a step by step process.
unfortunately I couldn't find gators,
 but I did find lizards...eh close enough
old pair of shoes, I was going to donate
I gave my little lizards the old "Midas Touch"
with paint I had on hand
I just removed the bunched ribbon detail
All done!!!
I love these!!!!
So glad I was able to DIY them.
My version was only $2 for the two lizards at $1 each.
 A lot less than $1600....(umm YEA!)

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December 26, 2013

New Testament in 30 Days


Please note this is the original post, and that this reading will start in 2014!!

This year I would love to start off on a spiritual awakening!!! I have been led by the Holy Spirit to study the New Testament and apply the teachings to my everyday life as a wife, mother, and child of God. Wouldn't everyone love to get closer to God through his word and living by the scriptures to enhance their walk with Him. This is why, I'm starting a 30 day reading plan for the new year of 2012!!

I will read the new testament in 30 days starting Jan. 1, 2012. I plan to start the day with my reading and prayer, but you can designate your own time schedule with whatever works best for you. God has given me this assignment, so that I may revive my life according to His word and apply the practical teachings to help me be a light for my children and all that surround me.

If you would like to join us please do so and link up!! My reading plan averages about 5 chapters a day and has a catch up day on Jan. 31 if you miss a day. Even if you finish later on, don't feel bad. This is not a race! Just keep going until you can complete the entire reading, no matter how long it takes. The most important part is getting into God's word and I know that you will find what God has for your life in the scriptures! Have Fun and Many Blessings to You!

Please share the word by posting a button on your blog, so that other women may link up with us. And you can also share the link on Facebook, Twitter, etc...The more, the merrier! I've also added a printable copy, so that you can have it on hand while you read to keep up with your progress.

(Printable Copy)

{1} Matthew 1-9
{2} Matthew 10-15
{3} Matthew 16-22
{4} Matthew 23-28
{5} Mark 1-8 
{6} Mark 9-16
{7} Luke 1-6
{8} Luke 7-11
{9} Luke 12-18
{10} Luke 19-24
{11} John 1-7
{12} John 8-13
{13} John 14-21
{14} Acts 1-7
{15} Acts 8-14
{16} Acts 15-21
{17} Acts 22-28
{18} Romans 1-8
{19} Romans 9-16
{20} 1 Corinthians 1-9
{21} 1 Corinthians 10-16
{22} 2 Corinthians 1-13
{23} Galatians - Ephesians
{24} Philippians - 2 Thessalonians
{25} 1 Timothy - Philemon
{26} Hebrews
{27} James - 2 Peter
{28} 1 John - Jude
{29} Revelation 1-11
{30} Revelation 12-22
{31} Catch Up Day

July 31, 2013

$10 Laundry Room redo

I've been really wanting to redo my laundry room. Maybe it's because I'll feel more "inspired" to do laundry. Hey, whatever helps right...

 Here is where I started...

nothing exciting...

I knew I didn't want to spend much or do any time consuming repairs for now. I just stuck to quick fixes, to give it fresher update...

I made a trip to the Dollar Tree and bought a small hamper, black rug, shelf liner, 3 metal suns, and black wire basket totaling $7. Then I had to go to the Family Dollar because D.T. was out of flower baskets. F.D. was out too, but had flower basket stands. So, I got 2= $2. Using what I already had my laundry room total was a whooping $9!!!

Here is what I did...

used these 2...
 to make this...

spray painted all these black...

reused my stash...
 to create these...

free book page decor...

 Here is where I finished...

yeaaah happy dance...

basket for socks/underwear only from D.T....

labels made from Microsoft Word on book paper, 
attached with packaging tape...

can you believe these are creamer bottles...

washing board painted white,
wash dry fold frame, and
large clothespin on display...

spray painted suns...

new refurb light fixture...

more Microsoft Word framed art, 
shelf paper, and DIY projects...

painted vase, paper tissue ball, and
DIY paper ball display...

 Sticking to my low cost, low work budget paid off.
All for under $10!!

July 25, 2013

Feminine Friday

It's me again, back for another FF!!


Green Monochromatic

July 21, 2013

necklace scarf DIY

I saw an incredible scarf at a store while shopping and was just about to buy it when I had a notion. Hmmmm, this would make and easy and cheap inexpensive DIY project!! So I ran to Hobby Lobby and found all that I needed for around $3, YEAUUUUH(Regular Show voice)!!

scarf I already owned with materials from HL...

wrap wire around end of scarf...

place metal tip over end and wire...


Not bad, not bad at all!! So, for under $3 bucks I got a custom scarf that rivals any fancy one I saw, but without a fancy price.

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