About Me

I'm a christian wife and mother of five! We have a lot of love in our home. I pride myself on creating an atmosphere of praise, worship and prayer. Our home is not always perfect, but we're too busy making memories that will outlast our imperfections.

 Have a glass of my home brewed Kombucha tea!
 Now savor a bite of my homemade fresh baked sourdough bread!

Welcome to my little piece of the blog world. First, let me say that I feel truly blessed that you decided to stop by and read what I have to write.

10 things about me

1) I love the Lord and work hard at becoming a woman after His heart. Although I'm not perfect, it's the quest for perfection in Him that keeps me working toward His glory.

2) My family is the single most important thing in my life outside of my God. I have a wonderful husband and a quiverful of five beautiful children, 1 boy and 4 girls!

3) Homemaking! I create an atmosphere of praise and worship in my home with gospel music, soft encouraging words, family bible study and my homemaking. I believe I'm serving the Lord when I serve my family! When I put on my apron (I love aprons!), I'm transformed into a servant of the Lord in my home.

4) I love to create things with my hands. Ex. interior design, homemade foods, gardening, scrapbooking, DIY fashion, sewing etc.. Please take a moment to browse my shop

5) I LOVE animals!! Any and all kinds. I'm a happy mommy to King Edwards of Shreveport. King for short, a Pomeranian and a grey kitty named Misty.

6) Modesty and Femininity are my passions in my style of dress. I host Feminine Fridays each week, where you can link up post or pics on the topic. Please feel free to join us!!

7) I love to dance to lift up the name of Jesus! I also teach praise dance at our church. I enter into a place of worship when I dance that overwhelms me.

8) I'm a bargain hunter and always try not to pay full price for anything. I love clothes, especially shoes!! But, I'm serious about the finances entrusted to us by our Lord. I DIY fashion whenever possible or thrift shop.

9) I love to write. I just finished my book and I have a collection of poems.

10) Prayer changes things! I belong to a prayer group outside church and we really have a great time uplifting each other. I also have a prayer journal just for prayer because it's so important to me.

Random Facts:

I'm the baby of the family

My birthday is May 5th

 Teal is my favorite color

Too organized for my own good (OCD hhmmm maybe)

Gumbo is my absolute fav food

I don't buy or drink any sodas

psychology (my degree of study)

My dress is modest and feminine with style

I love christian contemporary, jazz, hip hop, rock, and hymns/gospel

I love to laugh and have fun and get kinda goofy at times

Can't sleep unless it's cold in my room

Still like to watch cartoons

Addicted to shoes!!!

My family's life is in my home binder

I like to keep up with technology

I'm a southern gal(Louisiana)

I'm of creole/african american heritage

I adore reading(when I find time)

My nickname is "V"

I cherish antiques

I'm very interested in the arts(theater, museums, music, art galleries etc..)

I ALWAYS see the glass as half full


Amy said...

I like what you said about putting on an apron transforms you to serve your household or something along those lines, maybe I should do that, My daughter has several aprons and loves to wear them. What a nice intro post! It is nice to meet you. Wish I could come over for some of that healthy tea!
Amy @ Missional Mama

Ashley Pichea said...

It's so good to "meet" you! I'm stopping by via the Blog Bash 2011... have a BLESSED weekend!!

Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

love my aprons! nice to meet ya! I see Ashley Pichea was here before me- funny, my post today is about her!! God Bless-