August 9, 2011

Your husband, Your stylist

I love watching shows like, "How Do I Look and What Not To Wear". I often take some of the fashion advice from those shows that are more modest. But one thing I didn't know was that I had my very own God appointed personal stylist right here in my own home!!

One day the spirit laid it on my heart to actually ask, yes ask my husband what he thought of what I was wearing. He said the usual, "You look great in whatever you wear Sweetheart!" But I pressed him a little more. Finally he sat up and smiled, actually shocked that I wanted him to critique my outfit. He did so and to my surprise it was more dressier than what I would wear. My husband wanted me to look more chic and less frumpy. I took him shopping with me on occasion and he picked outfits with more colors and sass than I would have. I love the way I look and feel in what he chooses and he has stopped me from making several fashion mistakes.

It came as a big surprise to me that my husband views on what looks good and mine were different. Not that I looked horrible, just that I didn't take into consideration what he thought looks good on me. I figured that he's a man, he really doesn't care as long as I looked presentable. So, there I was, dressing to what was comfortable to me. That was a few years back and since then I no longer seek approval of what trends are in or what my girlfriends think looks good on me. I'm only interested in having "one" man love the way I look and that is my husband, Michael.

We even had a talk about modesty. I always assumed that he didn't want anything showing. He let me know that from breast to knees were what he wanted covered. Sleeveless wasn't a big deal for him, or off the shoulder, as long as no cleavage was exposed. Skirts and dresses were fine but, he preferred jeans. I was soo surprised because long skirts to the floor and long sleeves was what "I" felt was modest.

Now I often include him and ask his opinion on how I look. It's like having my own personal stylist and the best part is, he works for free!! Another great perk, I don't have to guess if my husband will love it! I know he will because he gave his seal of approval before he sees the finished look. I don't take him shopping every single time and I don't have to wait until he gets home just to get dressed. I just include his favorite choices and try to keep what he loves to see me wearing in mind when I shop.

I challenge wives to include your husband in your wardrobe selection. You may have two very, different ideas as to what is modest or what he finds appealing. After all, we do want to look attractive for our husbands. The benefits are that you know that he will love it, instead of relying on the sales clerk saying he will. God has put him as the head and anything he chooses as a man of God will reflect in his decision to also please Christ, and he will always put your best foot forward in comfort and in style!

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Paula said...

Great post! I heartily agree! I am amazed at how much fashion sense my husband has! And he's who I want to look good for, anyway!

Valencia said...

I agree 100%!! Why not ask the one person you want to impress for ideas on how to look good for Makes sense now that I have done it.

Jenna said...

YES! I 100% agree with you. I love bringing my husband shopping with me to find out what he likes and doesn't like. (and usually he doesn't mind :-) ). It's funny because often things I think are pretty he doesn't like! Also with the modesty thing...I have thought longer skirts were better and jeans were immodest, etc. but my husband doesn't believe jeans are immodest and would even like me to wear them sometimes. Seeing how I don't have any hard convictions about wearing pants, the most honouring thing to do would be please my husband in this.

Green Goose said...

I totally appreciate your post! Thanks for sharing your story. I agree it's wise to include hub's opinion in shopping, dressing, etc, with a few surprises thrown in. You make it sound fun. :)

~visiting from WLW

A Little R&R said...

I totally love the show: What Not To Wear. And I have to say that my husband likes it that I watch that show, because like your husband, he likes it when I dress more chic. Now, just 2 more months until I have this baby and I can go back to all those clothes I'm missing. :)

I thought the idea of making your husband your stylist was so great that it deserved a shout-out here:

Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts! Thank you for sharing!!