July 18, 2016


How you treat your spouse is a direct reflection of you! When you are married you are essentially one in the same according to the word.

Mark 10:8~and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

So why then would someone treat another, who they vowed to love honor and cherish, like anything less than? The answer is simply that's how they usually feel about themselves. See "like" attracts "like". For example, if a woman consistently cheats, then she feels she is not worthy of being faithful to. So she has a "get them before they get me mentality" because in her mind it's going to happen anyway. So why not be the first one because she will never be anything but a side piece and in turn treats him as such. Another example is a man who abuses a woman. It's because he feels broken and worthy of abuse and maybe has been abused himself. His weakness is reflected in her eyes when he hits her. He then attacks her but is actually attacking his own weaknesses and the pain he feels toward himself or the abuser that was once abusing him.This is just an attack on the mind by the enemy!

You have to first love yourself before you can then love others. Because no one can give what they don't have for themselves. You have to accept God's grace, love and forgiveness for yourself so He can heal any brokenness within you. "Hurt" people "hurt" people but "healed" people "heal" people!

Treating your spouse well means you directly benefit from this. If you want to feel valued, value her. Think of it this way, you can't treat someone like a jester and expect king behavior from them. You can't treat someone like trash and expect them to smell like roses. If your wife smells with bad behavior; clean her with compliments and wash her with the word.

Remember, if you treat her like a queen... she will feel like a queen. The man that is married to a queen is always a king!!
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