July 13, 2016

Ride or Die Consequences

There's a saying that goes, "ride or die." The saying implies that someone will be there for a person when they're down, or stay with them no matter what. This quality is admirable and should be a balanced, give and take, part of any relationship. But there can come a time when it can become one sided and not benefit you. Know when enough is enough!! A person can ride with someone way past time; you can wait for financial assistance from them that never comes, you can tolerate cheating for way too long, you can be abused both mentally and physically, etc. Examples of this is when you're faithful to someone in prison for years that won't even be faithful during your shift at work! Or when you ride with someone ten years who won't ride to the jewelry store to buy an engagement ring? God did not create ANYONE to be somebody's fool!! It's one thing to help somebody when they need you but make sure you ask yourself if they would do the same for you? If you have trouble answering that then remember what they have done "for" you or "to" you recently and that should answer your question. Don't ever constantly give to someone who never gives back, this includes both family and friends. You'll know when you have given too much because you can feel it in your spirit that you are drained, tired, and worn out. When you ride too much you could die spiritually, mentally and even physically.
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