April 26, 2009

Working Homemaker

 UPDATE: I'm now back to being a SAHM since 3/09

Can a christian woman really have it all? My answer to that is YES! I have a career, manage a household, train up my children, remain active in my church ministry, read my bible, pray, fast, worship, keep an elegant outer appearance and love my husband.

I can tell you I get so tired sometimes! But my husband needs the help and I will not let him struggle in this alone. I was a SAHM and then we started falling behind financially. He didn't ask me, but as his help meet I knew that God designed my role as a helper to my husband.

It is possible for me as christian woman to handle all these roles my life and more if needed. I can accomplish these things and more by always focusing upward toward my Lord, instead of all things that are before me. I want to come back home, but I will endure this until my family no longer needs me to. We are not able to survive without an additional income. My husband's job has decreased hours and his income will not suffice. At one time we made it, not well, but made it all the same.

I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me...Philippians 3:14

One thing that was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit is that I can do nothing without Christ. I'm a vessel being lead by my Lord, who guides me through life.
I no longer rely on my own capabilities, as I now know that my life was predestined for His divine purpose.

I remember being in a church women's conference and at the end of the alter call, something was urging me to go up front. So, I obeyed the spirit. Once there, I remember being overtaken by God's Holy Spirit. After being enveloped by the spirit, I could feel Jesus ministering to me. A soft whisper echoed into my soul, "Let go and know that it is not you who face this alone, but I'm with you always." I was so overwhelmed that I cried and cried to my God. How can I be worthy enough to be loved by Him. I knew then that I could accomplish anything with my Lord by my side.

Working outside the home, then coming home and working in the home is a challenge! Some days are better or worse than others. But I love my family and love being a homemaker, so I let that be my inspiration. I concentrate on the proverbs 31 woman, who worked and still managed her home and brought her husband honor. She is my inspiration when I feel I can no longer stand up through it all.

She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant. Proverbs 31:24

I'm a conqueror of all things pertaining to my family's well being. Jesus is the glue that holds my family together and their soft place to land that comforts them. I provide a safe haven for them to dwell and seek refuge. I can do all this because my Heavenly Father has given me strength to accept my roles in life as a christian lady, wife, and mother.
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