December 5, 2011

Heart toward home

When I became a wife and mother, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I was like a chicken with it's head cut off (southern saying). I soon realized that there had to be a better way to handle all of this. But I was sooo wrong! I later understood that the method, in which I kept my home was not the issue, it was the manner in which I kept my home. The holy spirit spoke to my heart one day when I was in tears, feeling completely overwhelmed. (Yes, I had days like that) His soft voice spoke into my soul, so sweetly and sooth my tears with wisdom. I was told that there is not necessarily a better way, only a better heart. My soul leaped at that notion. I would have never thought that it was none other than me, that was the hindrance.

From that day forth, I was determined to be an excellent homemaker, who buildeth her house. I was ushered by the words of the holy sprirt to change my heart toward my role that God had ordained for me as a wife and mother. My attitude determined my altitude in my homemaking. Once I had a fresh perspective on what it meant to have a happy, blessed home, I would stop at nothing to acheive this goal. I thought of this scenerio; I decide to relax at a very elegant hotel, only to find that my room is not vacuumed, the sheets need washing, and my refridgerator is not cleaned. I retreat downstairs, very upset in the hotel restaurant and the dishes are dirty. Now, if I wouldn't want this kind of treatment, why would I expect any less of my family?

So, I got o work! My first task was to get down on my knees and PRAY! I asked God to renew my heart and mind for home. It was a slow, beautiful process, I might add. Just like my garden. A seed of longing to be a better steward for my family, grew with prayer, study of the word, and love. Then, a full harvest of a Godly, wife and mother emerged. Pushing past all the dirt, filth and soil I became all that God ordained me to be. I take my role in the home very seriously and work diligently to keep my home a soft place to land. I want my family to come home and feel the warmth and comfort that I created in every loving task.

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