September 16, 2009

frugal family

My family and I have been living frugal for quite some time now. I can say that it has brought us closer together as a family. Now we focus on what's really important. Being together is way more important than where we go or what we do for fun. As a whole this is how we live.

detailed car = bucket of soap and water with vacuum
theme parks = picnics at the park, free museums, or backyard cookouts
veggies from grocery store = garden
going to the movies = DVD's at home
nail and hair salon = DIY make overs
fashion = thrift stores, sale items, shop your own closets to make new outfits
home decor = make your own creations
gym = self motivated workout at home (steps, running, push ups, etc)
dinners out = candle lite with music at home (after kiddos go to bed)
cable = books, DVD's, arts and crafts, board games, free online
fast food = meal planning ahead to save time
water park = water hose, water guns, free park with ground fountain sprouts
old containers = reusable items
too small clothing = fabric for new projects and outfit embellishments
car repairs = hubs
landscaping = family working together
cleaners = make your own

What are some of your tips that your frugal family uses?
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