September 8, 2009

Presidental School Speech

My children were actually excited today to be able to hear from the president at school. I may not agree with all he stands for, but I am glad that the children feel important that the president will talk to them about staying in school and getting good grades.

They were actually motivated to be involved in school since hearing about the speech. Not bad for just fifteen minutes from our president to get them on board with That's better than what I've been getting. I decided since I can't be there with them, to talk about it when we all get home to make sure they understand and are clear on what we teach as a family.

I don't want them to think they are responsible for anything other than doing their best at school and not be confused by anything in politics. This will be done just as a precautionary measure. Other than that I hope they enjoy it.

Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush gave speeches to our children and I loved to see that they cared for our youth. So, it's a good tradition that was started by former presidents to keep kids motivated in doing their best in all that they do.

Christ is first in our home and I pray that my children never lose that no matter what state our country is in. I know that God will always protect us from the chaos of this world and give us peace in the mist of it.

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