November 17, 2009


At my job, we have what we call huddle time. It's where we meet together and plan out our strategy for our productivity. We access where we are and where we are going using our manual. We come together on one accord and lean on each other for understanding and support. We map out a plan and get encouragement for the day.

Your home should also have huddles. Where the family comes together and draws strength from each other. Give each other encouragement and lean on one another. It can be dinner together as a family to talk about your day. Or simply sitting on the sofa complimenting each others accomplishments. Mapping out financial strategies or celebrating a done to do list. Whatever you do, take time to give understanding and support toward each other. Don't forget your holy manual for references. It contains all the statistics you need to lead a victorious life in Him. You can release faith in your home just by coming together on one accord.

Everyone will leave feeling better than they came. You will have uplifted your family and your self in the process. Praise will flow freely through your home and spill out into the neighborhood. Family worship will envelope each one of you as you minister to one another. Love will stir up the soul and create lasting memories in the process. Give the gift of togetherness to your family today. You and your families be blessed!!

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