April 20, 2010

Ministry of Home

There has never been a time such as this where women need to realize their ministry of their homes. Families are falling by the way side, the divorce rate is up and family moral is down. This is not just a women problem, there is enough of that to go around to both sexes. But I'm writing woman to woman so we can begin to realize just how important we are to the family. We have been called to be the homemaking minister to our families and we need to take that ministry very seriously.

No matter what, our home is the first line of defense against the enemy. We can break generational curses with just a warm meal and sweet words. We can help save marriages with respect and reverence toward our husbands. As I've said earlier, we are not the only ones who need to make sure that we save our homes, but this is from a woman written to encourage other women. Love is the biggest ministry that we can give our family. Love can take on many forms such as; hot meals that are healthy for our family, clean clothes so that they can look their best, well kept homes to feel comfortable in, a big hug and kiss when they've had a hard day at school or at work, spending time building memories with them, etc.. Their are so many ways to help keep our families from falling prey to the enemy. Don't take your ministry as wife, mother and homemaker lightly!! That's what the world wants you to think so that it can raise your children and temp your husband toward divorce.

We are strong, beautiful women of Christ, who have been called to be keepers at home. It doesn't matter if you have to work outside the home to be a help meet to your husband. You can still put your first ministry of home first on the list. Their is a war against christian families and together, I know we have what it takes with God on our side to take it by force.

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