August 4, 2010

diy towel upgrade

Since I've been redecorating my bathroom for free using only items I already have on hand, it's coming along great!! Today I wanted really pretty towels that would help with the theme but soon found that decorative towels are expensive. So I started looking for what I already had on hand.
this is just a blue towel
it needed something extra

using leftover leaves
I hand sewn a few to the edges

this is the one that hangs from my shower
don't worry, the brass has to go soon

I liked the first one so much I did one more
the second one on the towel bar

And once again, this was free!
And I loved how 3D it looks and so elegant.

Then I got to thinking, I wanted to add a touch of unique to my bathroom.
So, I felt a swan towel like in those fancy hotels was in order.
start with a towel flat on surface

fold the corners in a triangle

start rolling the ends

and there it is, isn't it cute!!

this is her home. 
I hand stitched it so the kids couldn't
just unroll it.

And like before, this was free too!
There are soo many ideas using towels for nothing
or next to nothing..too easy not to try.

DIY showoff
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