March 8, 2011


It is amazing how the way you view life can alter how you feel and react.  If you only see the glass as half full, then you will tend to live life that way. But what possibilities life can hold when you look at life through God's holy spirit.

There are times when we all struggling with  negative emotions of being a wife and mother. But I want to encourage us today in the fact that, we have all we need to handle whatever comes along with being a homemaker from Him. Instead of looking at your role as a wife and mother with dread, try looking at it with pride. God chose women to bear children, be the help meet and buildeth her house because He knew we could handle it. How much Christ must love you to create you, a woman, from mans rib to be the softest side of him. To be strong enough to support and sometimes carry him through his tough times. To have the strength to bring life into this world and still be soft enough to nurture that little blessing from your bosom. With every lesson you teach your children, you are actually raising the next generation for Christ. You are honoring God, when you clean your home and show hospitality to neighbors, by opening your home. With every nutritious meal you prepare you are following the perfect will of God. Your hands are providing life through food with every kneed of bread. So, no we may not look glamorous when we clean a toilet or wipe away little tears, but we "ARE" glamorous to our father in heaven for all that we do.

When you look at it that way, you can't help but see that everything you do for your family is beautiful because it is blessed by Christ. You can try to find  beauty in the most menial tasks when your soul is opened to the love of God!

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