September 14, 2011

Love you now

How many of us have said, "I wish I looked like I did back in high school." or "Before I had children." How many of us are looking for the fountain of youth. It's no wonder that we have any self esteem at all with ideals such as MILF being used as a status to strive toward. Being a wife and mother can feel like we've missed out on something and that we've "let ourselves go." Truth is you haven't let anything go, but have gained so much more than you could possibly imagine. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with bettering ourselves in any area, but the thing is not to let it become an idol.

The devil is in full attack on families, especially moms! If he can deter moms from their God given role in the family, then he can easily sway the husbands and children. One way of doing this is by the subtle notion of getting her to put more into physical than spirit. Or have her feel somehow deprived with her life now as if she's missing out on something. If you feel the pressure, you are not alone. The world has gone into a full on assault on SAHM who are considered just a housewife. Or the media filling our minds with pictures of women who have barely given birth and bounce back looking like this....


When reality looks more like this...

Remember the world is trying to make you feel less than. Your importance as a wife and mother far outweigh being rich or having the perfect body. You have a calling that is raising the next generation for Christ. How beautiful you are with every love scar that carrying life in your body has given you. How important your role is as the soft place to land for your husband. You are the one who nourishes your familys body and soul with food and love.Your hands are the ones that hold little ones and make them feel safe. Your words are the ones that can bring peace to a tired husband. Your are so much more than what you think!!

So love who you are right now!! Love where you are in life now!! Don't let time go by wishing for more. All that you need, God has given you. You are blessed beyond measure. Just think how your life would be if you had no pitter patter of little feet or a husband to take half the load in life. If you want to add to your life, go for it!!! But also learn to be satisfied with who you are now. Even if you change nothing you are perfect! God made you His beautiful daughter and He loves you just as you are.


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