January 9, 2012

I'm on Facebook

I just started a new group on Facebook with the same name. Come over and join us!!!
If you haven't yet, add me as a friend on Facebook and I will add you to the group...that's it! I look forward to reading what you have to share with all of us. Don't forget to spread the word! 

The guidelines to this group are simple...

What we stay away from.
Please no drama, bashing any ones beliefs, profanity, or gossiping.
Respect each others views on life!

What we encourage.
Let us uplift, praise, worship, fellowship and share your knowledge! I want this to be a group where we can encourage and be encouraged by one another.

Who are welcome?
Christians, SAHM, WAHM, Women who work, Wives, Mothers, Single moms, all denominations, Bloggers and non bloggers are all welcome. Everyone has something to share.

What can we post here in the group?
  • Start a bible study online here if you'd like
  • Prayer requests or testimonies
  • Monthly book club that you may want us all to share for those that can.
  • Blog posts are encouraged here, so that we may find and follow some new blogs out there.
  • If you have an Etsy shop or business, please share the link so we may visit.
  • Post giveaways and reviews on products/books/websites that we may like.
  • Share with us photos, christian music videos, music, scriptures etc... 
  • Tell us your best recipes, even with a pic
  • Organization, cleaning, recycle, and purging tips
  • Home school schedules, sites, curriculum, printables etc...
  • Videos, music, scriptures, quotes, photos and the like 
  • Funny stories and fun family outings
  • Crafts, DIY, home decor, refashion, knitting, sewing, gardening etc...
  • Motherhood and parenting/adoption/step parenting
  • Marriage advice, tips, articles or great stories
  • And most of all....HAVE FUN!!!
 If you know anyone who would like to join us, please invite them over, we'd LOVE to have them!
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