February 28, 2012


This is a serious problem in school, athletics, children programs, and even children church. Bullying is emotional and psychological abuse! The effects of it can last a lifetime, and even in extreme cases end an innocent child's life!! Children should feel safe when around other children, not living in fear. Every child has the right to live, play and go where they please without treats or being hurt physically or mentally.

It takes adults to intervene when we see a situation arise that is making a child feel uncomfortable. We as parents need to stand up against bullies and teach our children that it is wrong to be mean or pick on other children. I've personally witnessed a child bullying right in front of their parents or mother and nothing was said. I could not believe that a mom would allow their child to hurt another child and not correct the situation. It is not okay or normal childish behavior to want to hurt another child.

I have a personal investment in this topic because my son is very smart and wears glasses. He also has some level of PDD(pervasive developmental disorder). He's in the testing stage right now but he is not socially adequate. Or to put in plain terms really shy and awkward in social situations. He has been a target for quite some time and me partnering with the school have made a real impact on how he was being treated. But my worry is now for the children who are not so lucky. 

It is up to "us" to stand up against bullies and protect children!! Don't wait until "your" child becomes a target before you start teaching them to respect other people. Let someone in charge know if you see a child being bullied and teach your children to do the same. This has made a big difference at my children school and programs. The adults have reacted positively toward improving their acknowledgment toward bullying. I pray that you will become aware and start to help end the problem, so that a child's life may be saved or that they can live happy and healthy!! And if your child is the victim of bullying, I pray the Christ will heal their hearts and sooth their spirits, so that the cycle doesn't continue!

Bully (movie trailer)

Visit http://thebullyproject.com/, Dr. Phil's Anti Bully Movement, 
or Defeat the Label for more info

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