February 21, 2012

Just Say No

Being a yes person may seem like a good idea, but it can have consequences. You can lose yourself when your life has been taken over by other peoples request. I know this all too well! So, I'm learning to say no to others and say yes to myself. I now make sure to block some time slots out for some rest and relaxation.

As a mom I have a soft spot for my children. They are easily the most keen at cashing in on getting the benefits of my "guilt" parenting or getting away with murder because I'm too tired to say no. But as a mom, I'm starting to learn one important thing. And that is that, NO CHILD EVER DIED FROM THE WORD NO!!!!! Whew...that felt great to just type it out....lol I mean I'm serious, I remember the first time I told my little ones no more often. I thought it would kill them and yet, they pouted, and sulked, but were okay after a while. I braced from the storm and it never came. Well sign me up for this no business! I now have learned to stop what I'm doing, and evaluate my kids request. I never want to regret my decision later because I didn't take time to weigh the options. They have in turn become better at not asking for extras that they don't need. I even take time out to explain why they can't go or can't have. So, there's a "no" with an explanation attached.

As a SAHM, I found myself saying yes to outside activities that put a strain on my homemaking. Keeping my home has now become my first priority. I love how the MP3 download Just Say No says "If you feel what you are doing is a chore, you are probably working outside your natural blessing." So, you maybe are not going to be happy leading a bible study at church, when you are terrified of public speaking. Or feel overwhelmed at decorating the school play when you can't paint. So I've learned to only say yes, if it feels right!

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