July 5, 2012

Meals By The Week

Hi ladies!! Are you tired of the mealtime madness? Like most moms, we are all looking for ways to cut time, costs, and headache from our daily schedules. Well, if you are look for something different to help you organize meals, I think I may have found something to help. It's a new program called Meals By The Week created by Barbara Gulin, a fellow busy mom just like us.

Below is a quick description of the program...
Meals by the Week helps you save time and money in the grocery store (and your kitchen). Groceries can be a budget-breaking expense. Having a pre-planned menu helps keep your budget on track, answers the question “What’s for dinner?” and keeps you out of the drive-thru lane. Our family-friendly menus usually incorporate at least one slow-cooker meal and feature a “leftover makeover” – a time-saving meal based on leftovers from another meal on that week’s menu. Got company coming for dinner one night? Just click “Double It” so the recipe (AND your grocery list) automatically adjust. Don’t want all 7 dinners? Select “Skip It” and the ingredients are automatically removed from your shopping list. How cool is that?

This program offers everything and then some!! I know we could all use a little sanity in feeding our families and saving time and money is ALWAYS a good option! So why not check it out and give yourself a little break from having to create the grocery list, make multiple trips to the store because you don't have all the ingredients, and planning a menu each week.

The great news is the cost is about 1.25 per week for 13 weeks plus a bonus week! And I have even BETTER news!!! Just for my readers at Buildeth Her House, we have been offered a chance to try it for ourselves at a discount!

This code is good for 50% off a 13 week subscription at Meals By The Week.
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