January 30, 2013

duck tape shoes

Well it's been a while since I've DIY'd anything.(Is that even a word?) I've been wanting a pair of leopard flats for a hot minute. But because I'm broke thrifty, I just used what I had. So I got out the ole' stash and got to work on some old flats, because free is soooo much better!!

shoes and duck tape
(side note: have you seen these sheets of duck tape..AWESOME!
Great for smooth coverage without seams...)

I just eye balled it...

then cut out my piece...

then smooth it over the tips of my shoes 
and trimmed the edges...

Oh Yeeeaahhhh!!! (In my cool-aide man voice)

You could cover the whole shoe if you want, but I'm short 
and my pants always cover my shoes except the tips.
These turned out super cute 
and the best part of all was IT WAS FREE!!!
As you already know, Free is so Me!!

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