April 25, 2016

Pimps in the Pulpit

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There is an epidemic of men in ministry who are pimping from the pulpit. Ministers, clergy, music directors, etc. are leading many a women to bed instead of to the bible....Some men in ministry are treating the ministry as their own personal harem of concubines.

Ladies, Matthew 7:6 says, "Do not give what is holy to dogs." And some men in ministry are barking! Remember, if you lay down with dogs, you'll rise with flees. Are you scratching? The scripture also says, "don't cast your pearls to swine." Let's not continue to play in the mud with pigs and expect not to get dirty.

We have to close our legs and open our bibles so that we can resist, or break free from sexual sin. Let's not ride that train straight to hell behind a false prophet. And if you're not sure if he is a false prophet, then remember this, if he's trying to sleep with or or has slept with you, that's a hint and a half! 

Men in the ministry, I'm asking that you pull up your pants, push down your ego and be about the business of the Lord. Don't just preach about it, be about it!! Get your flesh under subjection, resist the devil and he shall flee.

Fasting and prayer are ways to have freedom from the past and to walk toward your glorious future. Even if it was yesterday, that's still the past. Both men in ministry and their participants can both be set free and made whole in Him that they serve.

I now declare and decree that whomever has been involved in this has now been released of this bondage!!! Be free, walk in your newness and praise God!

Please share this, so that anyone who is suffering can be set free!!
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