August 11, 2008

A Christian Lady

Take care of you:How can we as ladies be in control of our surroundings, if we haven't first taken care of ourselves. We want to be happy, healthy, and rested. Then we'll be able to handle anything else. Prayer, fasting, and reading the Word are essential in keeping us in a state of awareness. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to guide us toward inner peace.

Always show Christ in your behavior:Let our light shine! When others see us, they should know we are true ladies of God. Our speech should reflect holiness. Let us keep our thoughts pure to ensure that purity flows from us. We want to show elegance and modesty in our appearance. Remember, we are not trying to impress the world, but our Lord Jesus Christ, who calls us to be set apart. Our behavior should be set towards the heavens, where God watches over our actions.

Create an atmosphere of Holiness in your home:Our homes should be our families safe haven, where we can retreat from the cruelties of this world. Let's invite the Holy Spirit of God to dwell in our mist. Our homes will become a place of comfort, tranquility, love, and spirit, if we allow God to work through us in our lives.
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