March 28, 2009

My Unplugged Day

I'm back from my trip "offline" and I LOVED it!!I arose early and got started on my day. My hubby and I ran errands together and went to some thirft stores and found "great" deals. We ate breakfast and lunch together and then slept until the kids came home. Later, I washed all the clothes, comforters, dust ruffles etc..and organized the kids room. This took over an hour, especially under the beds. I finished up some spring cleaning. And donated about five bags of items and clothes we no longer use. I did our family budget and balanced accts, checkbooks, filed reciepts, importamt papers, cleaned out my purse, etc.. We went and let the kids spend their money they earned themselves and they got a new small toy, pizza and soda. This was a great because they hardly ever get to drink soda or eat fast foods, so they were loving it big time! We really had a great time together. I'd like to thank A Soft Place To Land for having this day and encouraging my family to spend more time doing "real life" things together and focusing more on our homes. I am vowing to take a special day to "unplug" after the comment of 50's housewife left on my unplugged post. I hope everyone enjoyed their day. Be blessed.

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