October 25, 2009

Behind closed doors

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!

Behind closed doors someone is living on the wings of prayers. Wives are putting on makeup to cover up scars from the world. While the internal bruises last a lifetime. Children are suffering in silence baring their mothers pain. Families are pretending that all is right to neighbors. Women are walking on eggshells, trying to keep peace when there is no compromise. Husbands are feared, instead of respected by their family. Silent screams from damaged souls cry out in the night, but no one dare utter a sound. Marching to the beat of a deadly drum, not one step out of line..or else. Knees are sore from endless prayers for help. Regret rests on those who inflict pain, but only after damage has been done. Anger from past wounds ignite senseless acts. Only to continue in a heinous dance for the next generation, who witness too closely.

Look to the heavens for your deliverance. He will guide you before you hurt or be hurt. Lean not to your own understanding, He will give you an answer, even if it's not one you wanted to hear. Trust in His wisdom and follow His lead out of your ordeal. I pray that the eternal screams of hurt will be washed away from innocent ears and that regret of hurting someone and bruises of those hurt will turn into to resurrection. Walk in newness and be reborn!

Please pray with me for healing for families who are suffering through this!!
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