May 18, 2009

Heart of my home

I've been taking inventory as to what it is that I, as a wife, mother, and daughter of the most high can bring to my family. And what was reveiled to me was more than I bargained for. The spirit of God spoke to me in a sweet whisper, and answered questions that I may not have asked outloud. But it searched my heart and blew a fragrance of wisdom into my soul.

As a child of God:

I can easily get caught up in what I've done wrong in my life. Too much of this, not enought of that, etc... But this is self-defeating and leads to no where productive. I have to remind myself that the only thing I needed to have done, was what I'm doing right now. Love the Lord with all my heart and leave it with Him. There's no reason to ever feel less than, when I have a heavenly father that loves me unconditionally. I can bring Him glory right now with my life by just obeying Him. With His blood I'm washed pure as snow. I can still remember being filled with His spirit. I felt like a newborn baby being born. Pure, modest, loved.... This is what I give to my family. A lady who is blessed by grace. An image of how He works in our lives and loves us in spite of our faults.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:18

As a wife:

I've come to realize the impact I have on my husband. I can be like a sweet smelling rose, that is both beautiful and soft just for him. My very presense can make his entire day brighter. He has told me that I'm the element that makes our house a home. As a Godly wife, his secrets, emotions and heart are safe with me. I've seen how my gentleness, softness and feminity can affect my husband's entire mood. I can both build hem up and tear him down with my ways and words. My love, respect and adoration should always be on display, so that no one will miss it. I long to be the best wife God sent to complete him, as his missing rib. God has tailored my purpose in life to fit my husband's and vice versa. We are to uplift each other toward Jesus to complete our work in Him.

The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

As a mother:

My role as a mother is both the most rewarding and challenging. It can take large amounts of energy, love, and wisdom to raise children. But in return I get so much love, kisses, hugs, and joy. I feel blessed that God has deemed me worthy of such an honor, to raise up children for His purpose. I am the light in my children's eyes and I can see how much I mean to them. They learn a great deal by watching, so I must always try to show righteuosness. Children are a heritage of future generations, so I must be wise in how I guide them. But the Lord is always there in times of need. He leads me when I need him. I'm forever working on being the best I can be for my babies.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; Isaiah 66:13

Whenever the enemy tries to put thoughts in my mind that I'm not good enought at this and that. I'm always reminded of just how much Jesus loves me. Then he guides me as to just how much I bring to my roles that I was called for. I love being a child of God, wife mother and being the heart of my home!

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