May 11, 2009

My schedule

I'm happy to link up to Like a warm cup of coffee this Monday to talk about our schedules. I really need to stick to one because I am very good at making one, not so good at sticking to one. I stay on task pretty much, but there are days when I just fall of track. Hopefully, posting it will help me to stay on task.


530-6 exercise, bible study
6-7 kids up and out
7-8 dressed and off to work
8-5 working, making meal plans, kids bible study, paying bills online, etc...
5:15-5:45 cook dinner, check homework
6 serve dinner
6:30-8:30 kids free time,
8:30 kids bedtime
8:30-10 moms free time (internet, read, etc..)
10 hubby home, our time
11-11:30 bedtime

Mondays=laundry, weekly meal plan, story night
Tuesday=bible study at church
Wednesday=family talk
Thursday=errand day
Friday=laundry, family game night
Saturday=family day and movie night
Sunday=regroup day, clothes ready, weekly meal plan done, errands for errand day, etc

I do good most days, but I do fall off sometimes. With the help and encouragement of all the moms who link up today, I know I will keep up with it. Schedules are a great tool to help me from losing so much wasted time during my day. Before I know, it I've spend so many minutes/hours on one thing and now have lost time to finish the rest. But having a schedule has helped me not be idle in my daily routine. Time is something that I can't get back once it's gone, so I guard it closely. Over time, I will get better because all things are possible in Christ.
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