June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is here and I have gotten into the swing of things. I've already gotten so much done in preparation for summer fun. The kids really look forward to summer, because they know it will be mostly play and hardly any work. (only when you're a child...lol) Here is a list of some of the activities that go on in our home during the summer.

Nothing says summer fun like good old fashioned water play. It's cheap and easy to use to create hours of fun for children. Plus it keeps everyone cool!

water fun:
water guns and bucket for refills
creating a sprinkler with water hose
cheap inflatable pool
water balloons
water balls or sponges soaked with water
private or public pools
slip and slides

My kids just love being creative or doing anything with their hands. That's why crafts are such a good time for all of us. We use practically anything for crafting.

printable color and activity sheets
recycle old paper to draw on the backs
glue paper shreds to make art
glitter (need I say more)
ribbons, yarn, and the like for bows, art, or added pizazz to clothing
paint, use old egg cartons as dividers
beads, make cool necklaces, bracelets, etc
clay, endless hours of fun

When in doubt play games!! That's what we do at our home. Every Friday is game night. We usually play only board games, but sometimes I add a little digital fun to the mix. Most of the games we play don't require an actual board game.

hide and seek
card games
board games

Other activities included but are not limited too:movies
reading books
summer school work
day trips
overnight visits with grandmoms and aunt
neighborhood parks
trip to the country to pick veggies, see animals, etc...
church summer program

If you have any tips, ideas, or advice, please share them with us. We'd love to add any new fun for the family.
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