June 22, 2009


I've just recently received the book, The Surrenderd Wife. It really has a lot of good information in it. Surrendering is such a beautiful concept. With all things, you take the information and use it on a level that's comfortable for you. My husband has really appreciated the extra care and love he gets from me these days. It amazes me how, if I submit to God and His word, how much He blesses me in my marriage. I personally apply some of the practices of the surrendering to my marriage and it's been great!! Other info from the book, I left because it did not fit our lifestyle. How about you, would you consider yourself a surrendered wife? And if so, how far would you go to submit?

I found this video and thought I'd add it to this post to show just how far some women take surrendering to heart. I have no objection to it, if that's what works for you and your husband. I'm just glad I was able to find a middle ground for me and my hubbby.

Under the thumb

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