July 10, 2009

Feminine Friday

Hello to all of you beautiful ladies out there. It's feminine Friday again. I'm so excited! I love that we are encouraging women in their walk toward being a more modest lady in Christ. My camera is on the fritz so I will post photos of various very elegant dresses and my seven days in a dress post. Remember to posts past or present pics and posts. Or you can leave a comment encouraging other women toward modest dress.

Whenever I put on a dress, I feel like such a lady. I really enjoy the way I look, but more how I feel. My husband really likes me looking softer and more modest. I know that modest dress is not the norm, but as a christian woman I am called to be set apart from what society deems "normal". I hope to be able to minister to many ladies who may feel outdated in dresses. I'm not a dresses only lady, just to be clear. But I do enjoy the way I feel when wearing one. I hope you ladies have some posts or pics to share this week. Be blessed!!

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