July 6, 2009

M.I.A (I'm Back)

I hope you ladies had a wonderful fourth of July weekend. So sorry I missed Feminine Friday, but it will be back up for this week. I was so blessed this weekend beyond belief. My mom decided to babysit the kids all week to give me and hubs a break. whoo hoo!!! We really did have a great time just us two. We felt like we were when we were dating with no kids, no housework, no reality...lol But I always enjoy the rare occasions that we can focus all of our attention on just each other.

One of the biggest blessing I recieved was the offer of a better deal on our home we are already in (before the move). We spend days moving to what we thought was going to be our new home and then, we got a very surprizing phone call. We were offered a cheaper deal on the house we had been living in and a much lower mortgage. We were sooo happy. It is always nice to stay where you've always called home. So, now it's official, we are NOT moving. I tell you I couldn't have been more happier. So of course hubs and I celebrated all weekend, especially with no kiddos around! I called them at grandma's and they were thrilled to keep their rooms and go to the same school again. God is so good!!
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