October 6, 2009

reuse milk jug

I'm a big fan of reusing anything. It saves time, money and the environment! I have a few ideas for using milk jugs. We buy so much milk and I hated to waste all those jugs, so here goes...

I cut a whole in the round part of the jug and use it to hold all of my plastic bags from stores. Only one pulls out at a time. I have two of these...

I use it for cleaning, by just cutting out the side and filling with soapy water...

make luminaries for any holiday, see here for instructions

pinata see here

ball catchers see here

reusable sandwich container see here

Here are some other uses for milk jugs:

cut off the bottom, turn upside down for a funnel
cut small holes in the side and fill with bird seeds, hang in tree
water plants indoor or out
cut off the top half and use to organize drawers
cut side half and use as a scoop
use for storage for small items
halloween candy buckets, decorate as desired
seed starters in home
Easter egg buckets, decorate as desired
store homemade cleaners
use as koolaid/juice/tea jug
kids piggy bank, decorate as desired
container to paint with
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