October 16, 2009

Unplugged Weekend

Hello to all my lovely bloggers in blogland. I'm taking a much needed break for the weekend to unplug. I will spend the most of my days cleaning and making my home comfortable for my family. When the days turn cold and we spend more days inside, I try to keep everyone warm and cozy. I make many warm stews and soups to feed the soul.

We can all snuggle in with our blankets and have family time indoors. The dog will be running around the house biting at the toddlers, since they are the only ones he can catch. I know the kids will enjoy offline time with mom.

So, I'll be spending time with my family and getting things settled for next week.
Sometimes I have to unplug to get my mind settled on reality. I really want to focus on relaxing with the kids and spending time with hubs who only comes home on the weekends. I hope you guys really enjoy your weekend!!

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