November 24, 2009

Black Friday!!

Well it's that time again...for holiday shopping. I usually save any big ticket items I need for my home for this time of year, because I can't afford to spend a lot on them. This year I'm looking for cookware, a vacuum, and a TV etc...My sister and I have been doing our traditional black Friday routine for over twelve years now. We have it down to almost a military strategy. We go eat breakfast and exchange our Christmas item for the season. Like a snowflake mug, jingle bell necklace, holiday sweater etc. We always start with electronics because they usually offer the most savings. Then we divide and conquer!! She goes and gets what she needs while I go get what deals I need. Then we meet up at the register to check out. If we both have a lot of shopping to do, one of us will save our place in line while the other shop. We eat lunch and decide what other stores we may want to visit for the day, then end our shopping trip by buying wrapping paper and sitting at home watching a Christmas movie for that year and eating cookies and egg nog. Even if it weren't a sale, we'd still find a day to get together and do this once a year. She lives in Texas and I live in Louisiana, so we don't get to see each other often. (FYI, I won't be in town to post Feminine Friday!!)

So, Do you have special plans for the holiday shopping? Are you brave enough to face BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! (muhahahahaaha) Okay I over did it just a little.
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