April 13, 2010

Garden of Eden...again

As a wife, have you ever thought that maybe with your help, your husband could be the man that you want him to be. All he needs is a good woman to push him in the right direction. Or you felt lead to remind him of that time he messed up...again. Things would go so much smoother if he'd just listen to you and not his own mind. after all you know what's best for him. God did put you with him to help him and be his help meet...right? I, like so many wives have been guilty of this error of thinking. It varies in degrees, but still flawed nonetheless.

Our husbands are what God made them to be. They may not be what we want, but they are what we need. Don't be like Eve who felt she knew better than God. The God that created your husband is without blemish and doesn't need to be told that He made a mistake. There is a reason behind why your husband is who he is. If we let God tell us what is needed in our role as help meet, then we can overcome overstepping into God's purpose for this man's walk in Him.

The innocent push, can easily be seen as nagging. We have to learn to let the holy spirit convict his heart. We were not given the role of conscience. We are to be the loving hind, his soft place to land. Our opinions are very important to the make up of our marriage, but never let your opinion override what God is doing in your husband's life. Think about it, God can get faster, better and more efficient results than we ever could constantly correcting and reminding him of his faults.

And if our husbands let us guide them, then we are out of line with what the word of God says. He is called to be the head. Don't cause him to sin by losing his role in God's order. This didn't go over well in the garden of Eden and it still will not work today. No leader is perfect, but he still has a job to do and so do we. He is to lead and we are to be help meets to him and "help" him lead, not completely take over his role. When we cause him to be out of place with God, we've just given him the apple all over again.

We all must remember that none of us are perfect. If your husband were perfect, then he wouldn't need you! But he needs you, his sweet help meet because he is not perfect. It's his quest toward perfection that God assigned him a helper in the first place. God knew that Adam fell short and would need someone by his side. Which is why he took you from his rib. Be his rib and not the thorn in his side.

I know we all mean well, but this is the oldest trick that the serpent used on Eve. Don't lose your paradise to subtle trickery. Resist the devil and he shall flee! Go eat of all the other fruits and drop that apple. The apple can be bitterness, hurt feelings, resentment, angry, being manipulative, bossy, nagging, yelling, cursing, etc...All the other fruits of the garden are even sweeter; love, kindness, commitment, sacrifice, hugs and kisses, encouragement, happiness, etc...Follow Christ's word and together you and your Adam can have the Garden of Eden.
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