June 29, 2010

homemade pancakes

As long as I have flour in my house, I will never be hungry. That's because you can make so much from just a bag of flour. One of my favs is homemade pancakes. The are fresh, fluffy and fantastic!!

my ingredients: 6 cups of flour,1 cup sugar, 3 tblspoon cinnamon, 3 cups of milk
I have a large family, so you might want to cut it down a bit

mix and then add to a container or cook
I reduce, reuse, recycle old jars
this batter will last us only two days...lol

pour in the skillet

flip and all done

my flapjack stack

now for some toppings...ooooooo banannas

more toppings....awwww blueberries

You can add any toppings or any other ingredients into the batter, you'd like.
Just have a sweet, syrupy, good time for breakfast!
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