February 23, 2011

good thing

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, 
and obtaineth favour of the LORD...Proverbs 18:22

Would you be considered your husbands good thing? When a man finds his wife, he's found his missing rib. A rib that protects his most vulnerable organs and helps support him when he walks. When you are behaving like a good thing, all of these things and more are true. You protect his secrets and don't badmouth him to anyone. He also walks taller when he has a good woman by his side. God has laid out for us everything we need in the bible to be able to be a good wife.

Don't let the devil come in and whisper in your ear to make you tear down your own marriage. Stand fast in your righteousness towards the treatment of your husband. You are his good thing, that God ordained just for him. You are his most precious gift from heaven.Take heed not to act as if you've come from hell. Your husband has an assignment that has been assigned to him from the most high. You have been designed as his good thing to help him along the way. 

If you find yourself acting less than holy with your husband, 
remember you are beautiful, strong, loving, a help-meet, blessed
a good thing!!

Far Above Rubies
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