January 22, 2012

DIY hemmed jeans

You may or may not can tell this, but I'm a shortie! Yes I'm only 5'2-5'3 or something of that nature. Really, when it under 5'5 does the exact measurement really matter anymore...lol But bringing it back on topic, store bought pants rarely ever fit my height. I usually end up with ruined hems where I've stepped on them constantly, especially when it rains. So, instead of paying for a tailor or dry cleaner to hem them, I got to work on researching how I could possibly do it. And I found several vids, pics and articles on how to do it for free at home. Cuz free is so me!! 

original length, I was stepping on them...

Step 1: Fold and measure.
Pin and try on to make sure the length works before you sew. 
(This I didn't do and had to resew one leg.)

I sewn the top and cut off 2 inches
Fold down and you're done

All done and a perfect fit for me!

I found doing it this way is perfect for people who don't sew very. You can also use a sewing machine or hand sew, like I did. Because you keep the professional finished hem, you can't tell where your hem is. And best of all it is free!

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