March 14, 2012

Second Chance

My life is no where near perfect! I'm sure no ones life is, but I strive daily to walk toward perfection. It is amazing how far I have to go. It seems the closer I get toward righteousness, the more God reveals to me I need to work on. I'm forever grateful that He gives me a second chance each and every day to get it right. (Sometimes several times a day!) I can sometimes be to hard on myself. I get caught up in trying to be perfect right now and lose the big picture. That Christ loves me, even with all my faults(cause they are many). He washes me with His blood on the cross, so that I can have second chances to get back to Him. My cross is heavy, but His burden is light! Sometimes when I look at all that my cross has to bare, I get intimidated and don't want to pick it up. Then the holy spirit whispers in a soft, still voice to let me know that I am not alone!

I want to encourage anyone who reads this, that you are not alone. Many of us are not perfect and we all struggle. But God still loves us and gives us renewed grace as many times as we need it. We can only pray to be good enough to be worthy! But I'm so grateful that in spite of "me" He still forgives me. Thank God for a second chance!!

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