June 27, 2012


Many of us are sleepwalking through our own lives. We go to work, do our chores, pay bills, raise children, etc.. without ever actually living life!! Do you sometimes not even realize what's going on in your surroundings at time? If so, then you have settled into a mundane routine that doesn't require you to actually be present to perform. We've all been there, where you just go through the motions day to day. Then life becomes something you do, instead of something you experience! I have to then add, that life without feeling is dead!!
 WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's time that life becomes something we are aware of and become fully involved in, instead of something that is just happening to us. Make each day count from this day forth! Savor each morsel of experiences with your family, friends, love, etc... Don't forget to laugh and see the good in things, even when its not so good. Waking up to your own life doesn't mean you live each day with action and adventure, but that you find peace right where you are. God didn't design us to simply exist. He wants our soul to connect with Him, so that we can live life more abundantly! So today, wake up from the dream(or nightmare) of a life and begin to actually live one.

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