January 21, 2013


This is the season of new beginnings! This is usually the time that we make New Year's resolutions. Then somewhere around February we just give up, give in, and admit defeat. But what I want to tell you today is that when you have a heart of gratitude, it permeates the spirit of your very essence and gives you a connection with our Father in heaven. See it is not enough to make yearly promises. Goals are great to help guide you toward where you want to go. What I'm talking about is something much deeper and much more satisfying. It is being grateful for what God has already blessed you with and to continue to be grateful in the mist of your trials. Please understand I'm not saying this is easy because the devil comes to steal, kill ,and destroy. But what I am saying is that when we are grateful, we tend to look at what is, and not what could, would, should be. 

There is no more beautiful sight to behold than a woman who is grateful to God for what He has blessed her life with. She knows who she is and better yet she knows whose she is. She is a daughter of the most high god! She is not seeing the glass half empty, but rather already knows that it is half full of the holy spirit. This is not to say she doesn't have needs, or even wants. This is however to say she is grateful for what she already has and knows that god will provide the rest!! HALLELUIAH!! 

So I ask you to start today with being grateful for your life, the fact that you can take a breath today, for your family, shelter, your sight, hearing, ability to walk, etc.... And wherever you are lacking, know that Christ died on the cross for you, so he will not leave you! He laid down his life just for you to be free and be blessed. So go on girl, lift your head high! No, you may not be 
the weight you want to be, or have the finances you wish, but you have the love of the almighty god and that is more than enough. You are already blessed! 

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