April 1, 2009


I've been spring cleaning at my home and I've really having a great time. (gasp) How can anyone have a great time deep cleaning their home you ask? We'll I've decided to reuse and re purpose what I have. Spring cleaning is one of the two times a year that I "really" clean everything in my home. I move, clean out, and under things that I normally wouldn't. And in the process I've found so many lost treasures.

My children were thrilled when I found a lost doll or toy, they haven't seen in ages. The kids really enjoyed finding toys and clothes that had been packed away during winter that were put up until warmer weather. They felt like it was their birthday again. I even found clothes that had been buried in the back of my closet that they haven't worn in months. I'm re purposing some jeans too short into capris with fabric trim. I'm also adding ribbons, beads, etc, to my daughters shirts and shorts. They are so excited to get "new to them" outfits. I've sewn together ripped stuffed animals and favs for them too. Good as new.

I even redecorated my littlest girls room. I repositioned their beds to a different angle. I washed stuffed animals and positioned them on display. Cleaned their rocking horse and made a couch from an old crib by losing one side and covering the mattress with an old blanket and using a dust ruffle. I hung some found fabric for new curtains. I switched sheets and comforters, hung up some found art and accessories..presto, new bedroom. They were so excited!

I discovered pictures frames, fabric, shoes, purses, bags, etc... It was like shopping my own closet. I put together so many new outfits to wear that it's new to me all over again. I cut up old torn clothing to use as fabric to embellish other outfits. I cut up old cotton shirts to make cleaning rags for the house. We really had a great time and saved money and got "new" stuff too! My home is clean plus, the kids really enjoyed spending time doing a family project.
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