April 9, 2009

Weekend at home

YEAAAA!!! I'm going back home to visit my momma. I miss being home with all my family and my old friends. It will feel so good to be back in familiar grounds. I love my home and my own family, but I really miss my mom, sisters, etc... My sister is coming in from Dallas and we hardly ever come home at the same time. The children are excited about seeing grandma, auntie, cousins, and everybody. My sister even bought me a new apron. It's one of those really cute ones that I can't afford...lol She said when she saw it she thought of me and my homemaking. She supports me in my new role even though it's so alien to who I was. I hope everyone gets to feel the love of family, but most important, the love of Christ this weekend. Remember all of your blessings this Easter and God bless all of you!!!

OHH and since it's easter weekend..Here are our bunnies hippity(hip) and hoppity(hop)

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