June 1, 2010

They grow up so fast

It seems that only yesterday that I was holding my oldest daughter in my arms snuggling her close to my heart. Now eleven years later, shes graduating from elementary school. Its as if I blinked my eyes and my little newborn was gone. All too often, we as mothers tend to take our children being small too lightly. I know I did! And then they are off to college, getting married, or having their own babies and you realize, where has the time gone? Don't let satan get you so caught up in the small messes, the many extra curriculum activities, or distractions, such as the internet, T.V. etc, to really take time to drink in all those beautiful moments. They fly by too quickly and you don't want to miss a second of it.


Take time to really see what a blessing you have right now, no matter what age your children are. It's never to late to start making lasting memories. Play a little more, smile and be grateful for little hands that try to help, but make a mess in the process. Those same hands will be waving goodbye as they start the next phase if their lives and you don't want to be left wondering why did I miss so much? Take a stand and move forward in putting loving then with time well spent today!

Motherhood is such a blessed calling! It is a rewarding experience to bring life into this world. We are also responsible for bringing up children for our savior and it is a great honor. Cherish every moment and then rejoice that your heart is filled with the memories of time spend with your children.
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