August 4, 2010

Jr Olympics T/F

We are back from Sacramento, Ca for the track and field Jr Olympics. It was a great opportunity for her at such a young age of twelve. She was so excited and really gave it her all and I'm sooo proud of her!! Her event was the 800 meter race. Although she didn't make the top eight, she's grateful for being able to be a Jr Olympian starting at age eleven and having several silver medals for state and regional Jr Olympic meets. She did however receive a certificate for making it all the way to nationals and a $500 gift card for a sporting goods store. Plus her name is on the USA Jr Olympic site, we're so happy about having the recognition. Here are some of the pictures from our trip.

I want to thank everyone who gave her well wishes or donated towards her trip!!

before the race with her heat peers
there was a total of 40

walking toward the track before the heat

getting ready to run

Ready Set Go!!!!

She's always our champion!

Proud momma!!
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