October 28, 2010


When wearing one of my aprons, I always feel ready to get things done. They represent to me, my homemaking uniform not unlike a nurses uniform or an army one. When I'm wearing one, I feel like I can conquer anything at home. It serves so many function for me. I can load my pockets up with items I need to clean with, carry stuff from room to room while keeping my hands free, wiping away tears, keeping my clothes clean, little hands hold on while they learn new skills, it holds treats to reward little ones, and it can make you look good even cleaning a toilet. The list goes on and on about the reasons I wear them.

My family is actually supportive of my aprons. My hubs actually likes the way they look on me, which is always a plus. My children, even my son all have one. He has a black one with flames and the girls all have girlie ones from the Dollar Tree for $1 each. I'll make them one from scratch, when they are older. They really enjoy wearing them, and I've noticed they are more helpful in our home.

An apron represents so many things to me. The main thing that it stands for is a heart for home!

Renee over at The Growing Family Stam is hosting an apron challenge. How fun!!!!

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