May 9, 2011

meatloaf cupcakes

I saw the cutest thing online, but I'm not sure where. It was a recipe for making individual meatloaf cupcakes for the kids. My kids don't normally eat meatloaf but they LOVED these.

 this is just standard meatloaf recipe:
ground beef, eggs, onions, bell peppers,
bread cubes/croutons and seasoning

rolled into mini balls

  into cupcake pans and baked for 30-45 min on 300
you don't have to make this much, but it's alot of us!!!!

 now its time to chop the potatoes

cube and boil them
after 10 minutes rinse them with cold water
this is a little trick I learned to cut down the starch by 90%
less starch means more fluff

now for the fun part 
top mini meatloaf with potatoes and 
use ketchup on top

up close pic
I served them with green beans

I think I won critics over!!!

They LOVED it!!!!

No more meatloaf wars! The best part is that just by changing the presentation, not the recipe, they were more interested in eating them.

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