August 11, 2011

Look at your children

The other day my older daughter found a video of my smallest children dancing and singing to the wiggles. Before I knew it I had tears falling down my face...Where did the time go? They were sooo small and could barely walk and talk. Now they are going to Pre-K and K. As a busy mom of many, time slips by so fast doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, running errands, and the biggest time waster...INTERNET!!!

I want moms to realize that they are only that age, whatever it is, for a year. You blink your eyes and they are a lot older. So look at them and watch them grow. Count those little fingers and toes. Cherish these moments while you still have them, they don't last long!

Baby steps in a bouncy house turn into track runners at Jr. Olympics. 

Tiny hands that made songs with toys, now play music on the piano.

 Little curiosity has now grown into National Honor Society members. 

And two little dancers, now want to take dance classes and hopefully I will soon have a pic of their first recital.....

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