December 14, 2011

A Mothers Love

Little feet come running across the living room floor. "Look,Look, I made you a Christmas ornament momma!" "Me too, Me too!!" I proudly displayed the over glued and almost falling apart two ornaments on my tree. "Ohhhh, I want to have one on the tree too!" Pretty soon everyone is at the table making a special one, just for me. It still amazes me that I have been so blessed to have God trust and believe in me enough to have me raise the next generation for Him.

I also can't help but notice just how much my love can make my children feel special and safe. In a world of uncertainty. The love I give my children from home will help them soar through life and shape their experiences. Love can be the difference between my children feeling like they can take on the world, or retreat in defeat. A mothers love can help heal or lack of it can hurt children in so many ways! It is just so powerful what we mothers hold in our hearts for our children.

A mothers hugs can make a child feel safe and secure, her kiss can heal  hearts and boo-boos and her prayers can save souls! It can be the difference in your little one having the best life ever knowing that no matter what, mommy will always love them and they have their own personal cheerleader, or living an uncertain life full of doubts and feeling alone. I know that they will always need their mother's love.

Yes, my children will always have Christ and are never alone. But I take comfort in the fact that our arms are what He uses to hold our children tight and make them feel loved. Our words are what He uses to send words of wisdom their way. Our very presence is a sign of Gods holy spirit sent through us to shower on them. WOW aren't we special!!

I just feel so honored to be able to love my children! I feel powerful in knowing that my love is serving Christs will for my life. And most of all I can see how much my love and approval can lift up my children towards the heavens. In the end, they probably won't remember the presents, or what meal I served, or what decorations I put up for Christmas. I now realize that the best gift I can give my children this holiday season is my love!

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